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T.I Corrects Fabolous Spelling In His Threat Note To TMZ



T.I “The Grammar Checker”

Fabolous was furious when TMZ reported that he and his wife Emily B has split up following a photo of him and a mystery lady taken on a date at New Jersey.
TMZ broke the news and you what happens when they do, lots of media platforms also doubled down on the rumor.

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Fabolous took to instagram to clarify the rumor reinstating his love for his wife. “We are a couple working on our relationship. That @tmz story & blogs are LIES,”
I LOVE YOU EMILY ❤️ That @tmz_tv story is fake. I never told anyone I split up from Emily. And I wasn’t on a date. That whole story is made up. #TMZ
We also reported that he threatened to sue the media outlet ‘TMZ’ for reporting fake news about his relationship without getting accurate information.
“This is deflamation of character,” wrote the rapper online. Coming from out of nowhere though was T.I who felt a serious need to correct the man’s spelling so that his paperwork gets filed correctly.

“Defamation bro,” adjusted Tip in the comments. Fab was appreciative of the correction, noting that he was so passionate about getting the message out that he didn’t check his spelling. “My bad king,” said Fab. “I was typing fast & upset. You’re the big word king. I shoulda spell checked wit u 1st.”

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T.i is getting accolades for being a grammar checker and also referred to as ‘word king’. It will be so funny to see a lawsuit for “deflamation” .. Isn’t it? 
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