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T.I Condemns Bow Wow For Calling Ciara A B*tch



T.I To Bow Wow “You Can’t Do That .. It’s Irrelevant”

Bow Wow made a surprising remark about his ex girlfriend Ciara while performing his Ciara-assisted hit single ‘Like You’ inside Atlanta’s top nightclub Eleven 45, he told the crowd ‘You know I had that b* tch first‘.
He’s been heavily criticized for his remark and we also reported earlier that Wendy Williams weighed on the matter, dissing Bow Wow of his height in a picture he took with Ciara 15 years ago.

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She pulled up a photo of Bow and the Beauty Marks singer together and pointed out something that has been ignored over the years. “That was 15 years ago, but here’s what my shady team noticed and I was like, yup, good job team. Zoom in everybody, Bow Wow is standing on his tippy, tippy, tippy toes.”
T.I reacted in the comment section with “disdain,” but the extent of his displeasure has only recently been unveiled. Following the initial burst of disrespect, Bow Wow attempted to smooth it over, but T.I. was having none of it. It didn’t take long for the inner dad to emerge, by way of unwavering resolve and a thousand-yard stare.
“You can’t do that,” says Tip, while Bow Wow vainly attempts to plead his case in unintelligible fashion. “That is irrelevant!” counters Tip, amidst Bow Wow’s reasoning that since Ciara helped put him on, he was merely stating a fact. “If I dropped your ass off and never came back, and this n***a raised you from then to now,” begins T.I, “what you switch SIDES for!”

Nelly was there to play the role of “good parent” in the partnership, choosing to pacify the situation with a hug.

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Unfortunately for Bow Wow, Nelly’s attention was swiftly diverted once a massive blunt came into play. Let the record state that T.I. abstained from hugging Bow Wow.

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