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Rick Ross Unites Lil Wayne And Pusha T On Maybach Music 6



Rick Ross Put Lil Wayne And Pusha T On Same Track Amid Beef

Rick Ross is set to deliver his new album Port Of Miami 2 on August 9th, and a select number of people recently had the chance to preview the album in full. One of said people included writer Bonsu Thompson, who happened to be in attendance to Renzel’s recent listening session.
As the project unfolded, Thompson took to Twitter to provide realtime commentary, chiming in with a few enticing bombshells. For one, it would appear that Rick Ross managed to unite both Lil Wayne and Pusha T on the same track, the 6th chapter of his ongoing “Maybach Music” series.

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Thompson makes the reveal in as since deleted tweet as follows: “Yeah #portofmiami2 is hands down one of Rick Ross’ finest bodies of work (front to back). Last qtr of album may be the most lyrical: Drake goes dumb (“Gold Roses”). And Maybach Music VI feat Weezy and Pusha.” 
The deletion has naturally raised a few eyebrows, with the most obvious thought process centering around a broken NDA. Yet Thompson, ever-the-man of the people, helped raise anticipation for the project in one fell swoop.

The idea that Lil Wayne and Pusha T would link up on the same track is surprising in itself, but Ross has ways of facilitating truces among enemies. Of course, the beef originally stemmed back in The Clipse’s heydey, and evolved throughout the years that followed; in fact, Drake’s recent feud with Pusha arose as a direct result. It’s unclear how Drizzy feels about his mentor and “The Story Of Adidon’s” creator collaborating on wax.

According to Rick Ross, he hopes his unexpected decision to put Lil Wayne and Pusha T’s vocals on one track will lead to peace between the two rappers.

“What I did with this record was something different,” Rick Ross explained. “I sent two dudes that I’m huge fans of, the record. Never discussed who would be on it, I wanted to make this s##t special in a different way, causing some great ni##as to put what I consider some bulls##t behind them. It’s a difference between having differences with ni##as and wishing death upon ni##as.

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“I sent it to Weezy and he blessed that motherf##ker. I sent to Pusha-T, and he gave us some dope bars. And all this was just about the music. Nobody knew who was on the record.”
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