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Man Involved In Street Fight With A$ap Rocky Will Not Be Charged



A$ap Rocky Brawl Counterpart Will Not Be Charged 

A$ap Rocky is solely facing the consequences of his team’s actions, we reported earlier that A$ap Rocky’s mom is hopeless after Trump’s failed call to Swedish officials and she also believes racism is involved in her son’s case.

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According to TMZ, Swedish prosecutors say they believe the man who harassed the Harlem rapper attacked his bodyguard in self-defense after allegedly being pushed and lifted by his neck.
The bodyguard has also been cleared by Swedish authorities and will not face charges. So Rocky, who can be seen and heard in the footage trying to prevent the confrontation from turning physical – is still behind bars!
It seems as though Rocky may be charged with aggravated assault. If convicted, he faces six years in a Swedish prison. According to TMZ, the breaking news outlet, the rapper will most likely be charged this Thursday.
Rocky’s attorney, Slobodan Jovicic, argued that Rocky “begged and pleaded” with the man to leave them alone⁠. The video posted on Rocky’s Instagram backs up this statement.

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“They came into a situation where he acted in self-defense,” Jovicic told reporters last week, adding that the man was “violent” and “harassed” the group.

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