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Kamala Harris Says Trump Misused Power In A$ap Rocky’s Case



Kamala Harris Agrees President Trump Involvement In A$ap Rocky’s Case Is A Misuse Of Power 

Kamala Harris, a lawyer and ex Attorney General of California State who is also an aspiring candidate of the Democratic Party for the upcoming presidential election.
As all attempts to bring A$ap Rocky back home has been forfeited even with the involvement of the president of the United States ‘Donald Trump‘ there has been no visible result. Kamala Harris weighed on the issue and shared her thoughts concerning it.

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Kamala Harris was at the NAACP Convention in Detroit, Michigan on Wednesday and she was asked by the anchor that if she was the president, how would she have handled A$ap Rocky’s case with the Swedish authorities.

Harris look quite uncomfortable with the question as seen in the video and she took her time before responding. “There is no question that this White House has been playing politics with [Trump’s] role of leadership and it has to end,” Harris said. “I am prepared to prosecute the case against four more years of Donald Trump and there is a rap sheet. We have got to take this case on against Donald Trump and expose it for what it is.”
Ryan wasn’t comfortable with her response and pushed further, “So you’re saying this is another piece on the rap sheet of Donald Trump? This misuse of power in the A$AP Rocky case?”
“Yes,” Harris replied quietly. “Say it loud,” said Ryan. “Yes!” Harris responded. Meanwhile, Trump has tweeted about his involvement in the Rocky case, claiming that he’s spoken with the Prime Minister and would pay the rapper’s bail if needed. However, the country reportedly doesn’t use a bail system.

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Watch the video below :

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