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Cardi B Explains Drugging And Robbing Men As A Stripper



Cardi B Says She Only Robbed Them But Never Drugged Nor F* cked Them

Cardi B made controversial headlines sometimes back when a video showing her admitting to drugging and robbing men surfaced online. 
Cardi also defended her act then, saying she had no other choice as she has to pay bills.. She was later criticised for using s* x as bait to drug and rob men.

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Here is the video of Cardi admitting to drugging and robbing men in the past :

And she also said she needed the money to pay up bills in an interview.

Here’s a transcript of the interview:

Cardi: ” How you gonna pay ya rent? Even with a regular job you can’t pay rent . . . you can’t pay a f*cking room in New York City.
Nah let’s be real if you have a job that pay you $300 a week – b*tch, where you gonna live at with that money???
If you a college student, where you gonna live at you can’t even rent a room, so what f*ck was a i gonna do? I’m gonna do what i gotta do! “
Not long after, there was a petition levelled against her and the #SurvivingCardiB hash tag began. They were close to having a documentary series on #SurvivingCardiB where victims can come out to share their stories as she was accused of being a rapist alongside drugging and robbing men.

Cardi later left the story untouched, but the accusations were too much for her to let go, so yesterday she let it out, explaining what really happened and defending herself against future accusations.
“I let people go with this narrative of me for a long time,” said the Bronx personality, acknowledging the whispers that have been happening in her busy comments section. “Not once did I say I put shit inside n***as drinks. I NEVER did that. These n***as use to get drunk, smoke maa weed party an hard and passed out. Never did I force n***as to come with me nowhere. Never did I fuck nobody.

“These Meb [sic] used to disgust me sooo for the fact people keep calling me a rapist when I didn’t even kiss these men it’s so crazy to me.” She went on to claim that, in the past, she has had to scream and run from men that got too aggressive with her. She says that working in the nightlife industry, she was exposed to a lot.

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She deleted all the tweets but trust we’ve got screenshots. Peep them below :

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