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A$ap Mob Launches A$ap Rocky Freedom Petition



A$ap Rock Petition Launched By His Team 

A$ap Rocky remains in Sweden police custody after footage emerged online showing the rapper and his team violently beating up a man on the street.
He turned himself in to the Swedish police explaining that they tried stopping the men from harassing a lady and they were followed and threatened afterwards. He and his team in defense attacked the man they got hold of and it has landed him in trouble.

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Though the clip showed Rocky wasn’t really invovled in the man’s violent beat down, he was arrested and locked up in Sweden police custody.
A$ap Rocky is presently having a tough time in the custody as it’s reported that he’s been held in a solitary confinement where he’s been sleeping on a yoga mat and eating a single apple per day.

Things are reportedly horrible where he’s staying and so many of us are hoping that Flacko can make his way out of this and get back home. His crew, the A$AP Mob, has just launched a petition that fans can sign to voice their opinions, giving everybody an opportunity to speak up and help the artist get out of prison soon.

“Stand in support and request Rocky’s release from Swedish officials,” wrote the Mob on a post asking for Justice for Rocky.

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The petition appeared earlier today and already, nearly 55,000 people have signed their names. The goal is for 75,000 different names to appear on the list but we have a feeling Rocky will get many more signatures than that.

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