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A$ap Ferg Says A$ap Rocky Is In Solitary Confinement



A$ap Ferg Gives Update On A$ap Rocky 

Earlier this week, we reported that A$ap Rocky and his team attached a man in Sweden. The video showing the beat up went viral on social media and A$ap Rocky immediately reacted to it claiming they were followed and threatened before attacking in defense.
A$ap Rocky  turned himself in to the Swedish police and he was surprisingly arrested even going so far as to refuse access to members of the U.S. Embassy.

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The rest of the A$ap Mob started a ‘Free Rocky’ campaign. After that, updates on Rocky’s status started coming in quick, and it seemed as though the situation was just getting worse and worse. 
News came in that Flacko was facing a potential 6-year prison sentence if he was found guilty of assault, and then another update revealed that Sweden’s Prosecution Authority had decided to hold him for an additional two weeks.

A$ap Ferg hop on instagram to share a detailed update on Rocky’s situation.
“He’s in Sweeden locked up in solitary confinement with no visit or phone call privileges,” explained Ferg, before reiterating to fans the seriousness of the potential charges.

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“They are trying to keep him there for 2 weeks and if convicted he will be looking at 6 years just for defending himself in a fight. He was no way in form the aggressor in this ordeal.” He signs it off with: “pray for justice #freeflacko.”

Pray for Flacko..

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