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Wendy Williams’ New BF Marc Tomblin Says He’s Not A Gold digger



Marc Tomblin Says He’s Not After Wend Williams Money Or Fame 

Wendy Williams has been spotted out on the town spending time with bestie Blac Chyna and having an extraordinary time with another man. Despite the fact that he is a large portion of her age and reportedly a sentenced criminal, the television show host is as yet getting a charge out of him. 

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In spite of the fact that huge numbers of us are cheerful for Wendy, some are estimating that the 54-year-old’s new lover is just a golddigger endeavoring to trick the diva out of the entirety of her coins. 
All things considered, most as of late, the beau has applauded back and told the haters what’s truly going on. 
Marc Tomblin talked with TMZ and shared that he couldn’t care less about fame and he needn’t bother with a woman to take care of himself monetarily. 
Truth be told, he can take care of himself. Additionally, Tomblin has included that the main reason he is investing energy with Wendy is on the grounds that he really appreciates her conversation. 

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The 27-year-old reportedly has not approached Williams for a dime since they’ve been seeing each other. Without a doubt, Tomblin has his own coin and needs people to put some regard on his name.

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