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DJ Vlad Clears The Air On Interview With Tekashi’s Babymama



Who Is Telling The Truth Now? 

Earlier this year, Sara Molina, 6ix9ine’s ex, did an interview with VladTV where she stated the rapper didn’t put aside any money for their daughter before being hauled off to jail. She also read Tekashi’s lengthy plea agreement and exposed him as a ‘snitch.’ 

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According to HNHH, Molina has repeatedly denied knowing that Vlad planned on having her read the indictment and said she was set up. However, during a recent chat with Lord Jamar, DJ Vlad revealed that Molina sent him the paperwork on purpose because she wanted to speak about it during the interview.
“She spoke about how…somehow we set her up with that paperwork and she had no idea what it was about. She went on Adam 22 No Jumper podcast recently and said that she regrets doing the interview and she had no idea what was on the paperwork and everything else like that. Now, I don’t usually speak about this sh*t, but you know something, let me just put this out there: they sent us that paperwork before the interview.”
Lord Jamar asks, “Who’s ‘they’? Her?” Vlad responds, “Her manager, publicist, whatever. For the interview, they sent us a copy of Tekashi’s guilty plea. That’s the only reason we even knew about it. Although it was public, it was released publicly, no one knew about this. It wasn’t reported by anybody, so we never caught onto it until they sent it to us.”

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“I’m almost 100 percent sure that she’d already read through it before. They sent it to us as a talking point.” DJ Vlad went on to say that he didn’t understand how she could have regretted doing the interview because she requested another with him not long after. However, he said he declined.
Peep the interview below :

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