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Meek Mill Calls For Cosmopolitan Hotel Boycott Over Racism



Meek Mill Wants Blacks To Snub Cosmopolitan Hotel For Being Racist 

Meek Mill has taken to social media in the outcome of his unimportant ejection from the grounds of the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas. Unavoidably the main request of business requested that Meek Mill’s issue a composed articulation censuring the disrespect of the hotel’s organization. 

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In the wake of finishing the method, Meek Mill posted the exceptionally same film that was at first offered to TMZ – alongside the accompanying record of what unfolded.
Peep the tweets below :

From there, Meek Mill issued a proviso to his fellow Black Americans concerning his plans for a boycott, with immediate effect. Meek illustrated the double standard by reminiscing over a past visit, where he was allowed to enter the main lobby, on account of being an invited guest to a Jay Z party.

In this instance, Meek Mill did not have Jay-Z to usher him in, and thus he was treated differently, let alone in a deplorable manner. 

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The reference to Jay-Z is significant if only to remind folks of the pressure tactics employed by the former Roc-A-Fella mogul when he effectively turned the hip-hop community against Cristal in 2006. Don’t underestimate a quiet person with untapped fervor such as a recently-politicized Meek Mill.

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