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Man Goes Viral For Impregnating Twin Sisters



Keonyae Brags After Impregnating Twin Sisters 

Keonyae Banks is becoming a web sensation early today, in the wake of reporting that he impregnated twin sisters Nia and Nydia.

As indicated by reports, Keonyae met the twin sisters while working out at an exercise center – he was their fitness coach. At first Kenya began dating sister Nia and after some time, he began conversing with her sister Nydia.

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Before they knew it, twin sister Nia was pregnant, trailed by her sister Nydia who wound up pregnant only one month later.

Bia and Nydia both state they are joyfully in a “throuple” relationship. Nia is expecting her infant young lady on May sixth, while her twin sister Nydia is expecting a kid on June sixth.

Keonyae is by all accounts exceptionally content with his present circumstance. In the post yesterday, the attractive mentor gloated about impregnating the twins.

To make sure you’re clear, the twin’s kids will be siblings…and likewise, cousins. What a period!

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He tells his followers :

I bet ima the only nigga y’all know wit twin baby mommas and both kool wit it 😂😂 #goat I need a show blood 🗣

See pictures of the twin sisters below :

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