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Erica Mena Dumps Safaree For Texting His Ex Nicki Minaj



Erica Mena Ends Her Relationship With Safaree 

Love And Hip Hop Erica Mena and Safaree Samuels are never again together, and we have all the delicious subtleties encompassing their wrecked engagement. 

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A week ago, we revealed that Erica Mena was dropping subliminal indications that she and Safaree’s relationship was stuck in an unfortunate situation. Presently we’ve affirmed, through one of Erica’s companions, that she “Terminated” Safaree and finished their engagement. 
As indicated by one of Erica’s dearest companions, Erica dropped her world star life partner since she found him having mystery discussions with his ex-sweetheart Nicki Minaj and other ladies! 
The friend explained, “Erica was always suspicious of Safaree, but he seemed like he was a good man.”
Be that as it may, Erica’s no sham – she wasn’t happy to trust Safaree indiscriminately. A month ago, our nark discloses to us that Erica broke into his telephone when he wasn’t looking, and discovered some irritating text messages among Safaree and ladies, including ex Nicki Minaj. 
The friend explained, “Erica was always suspicious of Safaree, but he seemed like he was a good man.”

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Erica’s friend explained, “[Safaree] and Nicki are working together on a project, but the way they were talking and flirting it was not appropriate. Safaree told [Nicki] that he still loves her.”
The friend continued, “When Erica saw that it was over.”
Erica affirmed her engagement was finished. She posted pics on Instagram appearing without her engagement ring. 
What’s more, neither Erica nor Safaree have posted any pics together in over a month.
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