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Da Baby Trashes Rapper That Tried Bullying Him In A Store



Rapper Da Baby Single-handedly Beat Up A Bully Fan 

Rapper Da Baby is becoming famous online at the beginning of today, after he beat up a rapper who was carrying on like a threatening fan, and Da Baby live-streamed the beating. 

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Da Baby is on the rise and it is not just because of his music! He’s been a lightening rod for controversy on quite a few levels, including the streets. Well…some dude was talking ish about Da Baby in his face…and then yada yada yada, dude gets THRASHED. To see this, you have to look at the first video, then swipe for the second video and finally for the third one. WHEW! That dude took a loss.
Everything began yesterday when Da Baby posted film of a fight he got into with individual North Carolina rapper Cam Coldheart. 
Cam Coldheart posted a video of him and Da Baby inside the Louis Vuitton store. What’s more, he seemed, by all accounts, to be irritating Da Baby. Then – footage shows Coldheart beat up and laying on the ground. Da Baby claims in the video, that he beat up the disgruntled fan all by himself.
“When bullying Baby on the internet goes wrong,” the Da Baby captioned the post. Can Coldheart can be seen bloodied in the third and last clip of the post.

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“You a bitch. Y’all look at the n**ga DaBaby. That n**ga DaBaby in here talking some shit,” Coldheart can be heard saying. “He walking up on me and shit like he about to do something. What you gon’ do? What you taking your shit off for?” 
Peep the video below :

But Coldheat chai that Da Baby’s security jumped him. Here he is talking with the security from the Louis Vuitton store:

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