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50 Cent Slams Lord Jamar Over His Comments On Eminem



50 to Jamar “I Thought You Died Already N-gga”

Lord Jamar threw some shade against the Detroit icon, explaining why he isn’t a fan. “My thing about Eminem and all that, and I hate bringing his f*ing name up — my thing about this mothaf*cka is you can’t crown somebody king and circumvent the true kingdom,” he said.

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“Like, white people will crown Eminem king because he sold the most records out of all rappers,” he continued. “But, when we go into everyday life of black people, people who are the originators of this sh*t, we don’t f*cking listen to Eminem. We don’t listen to Eminem.”

50 Cent didn’t take too kindly to Lord Jamar’s words and shared his displeasure on Instagram. “Lord Jerome better sit his ass down,” 50 wrote. “I thought you died already N*gga. Get the fuck outta here 🤔you ain’t Grand Puba anyway. I’m gonna need a bum ass n*gga in one of my shows. I’ll be reaching out shortly.”

In the comments, 50 wrote, “That n*gga Jerome musta smoked a bad batch.”

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It looks as if 50 has a new target just in time for the 10th anniversary of Eminem’s Relapse.

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