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50 cent Drags Ray J And Nick Cannon Into Beef With Jackie Long



50 Cent Blowing Hot On Debtors 

50 cent’s ‘Run me my check” campaign is undeniably one of the most bizarre occurrences in 2019 as the rap mogul attempts to publicly shame anyone who owes him money.

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The latest victim is Jackie Long, an actor with a long list of credits that include roles in The New Edition Story, ATL, The Parkers, Real Husbands of Hollywood, Playa’s Ball, and BET’s new show Games People Play. When 50 called out Long on Instagram on Thursday, the actor didn’t hesitate to respond, saying he paid Fiddy back the $250K he borrowed.

50 responded that the payment was just interest. “You gotta pay me,” he wrote. “Puff was gonna kill you fool. I saved your life n*gga.”

An hour after 50’s initial post, Ray J shared a photo of himself with Long along with an encouraging caption.

“Now we calling @jackielong Billboard Jack! Bc everywhere we drive in Hollywood I see a big ass billboard of tha homie!! #LevelUp 🔥 #progression — 💰💰” Fifty didn’t appreciate that too much and commented, “N*gga you posting this n*gga Jackie, and I just said he owe me money.” Ray J responded, “I post what I want.”

50 Cent didn’t let it end there. He then shared a picture of Ray J and Long with the scathing caption, “@rayj putting up pictures of this n*gga he owe me money.😤 I’m not like you ray you let @kimkardashian run off wit all the f*cking money.😠mind ya business.”

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All of a sudden Nick Cannon jumps into the mix with jokes but somehow it backfired. He posted a throwback photo of himself and 50 writing, “I’m glad I’m rich enough not to owe this N*gga no money!!! LOL But @50cent look at our Jersey Dresses! WTF were we thinking?! We look like 2 Niggaz in Nightgownz 🤣”

Over on Long’s page, he shared a photo of 50 Cent, insisting that he’s paid his debt and doesn’t have a clue why the rapper is coming after him. “@50cent if you give me money and I give right back what the f*ck you mad about. Get the f*ck outta here!!!”

Nick Cannon may have been getting laughs with 50 Cent in his previous post, but in Long’s comment section, he was siding with the actor. “Don’t let that Big N*gga bully you! Make it rain on these N*ggahs Jack! LOL #ActorGang.”

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