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12 Celebrities With Worst Attitudes According To Reddit



Peep The List Of Celebrities With Worst Attitudes According To Reddit 

Recently a string sprung up on the site Reddit asking which celebrities have the worst attitudes. The post was immediately loaded up with individuals who work in the TV and movie industries – and they clarified what they thought.

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See the list below :
1. James Cordon
James Corden is an absolute jack ass, not the funny happy go lucky guy you see on TV.
My favorite James Corden moment was when Jimmy Kimmel won a round of Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts by asking Corden to name one camera man in the room right now.
He’s from a town near to my home town and we all knew he was a dick when he started being famous way back when
2. Steven Seagal
He shows up and rejects his stunt double for being too fat (aka, a perfect double for him) and selects a stunt double for himself who was much thinner, in fact it was Star Lord’s double for all those movies. Production had to put Star Lord in a fat suit so he would look like Seagal, and he ends up doing 90% of Seagal’s scenes, which is a good thing because it turns out Seagal likes to literally punch stunt men during choreographed fights and then taunt them if they wince.
Edit: Also, Seagal got in trouble for flirting with underage girls and bringing prostitutes on set.
3. Tyra Banks
she legitimately will fire some people if they look her in the eye when passing in the hallway, mostly interns. Ugh.
4. Dr Phil
My friend has worked on Dr. Phil for years. He has a no eye contact rule and is apparently one of the nastiest, most self-absorbed people in the industry.
Yes. My old roommate worked on his show and said he was the worst.
5. Bruce Willis
Bruce is a f*cking annoying piece of sh*t. He makes demands, he causes additional problems, the moment when he decided to threaten to walk out after Kevin Smith did some rewrites for Live free or Die Hard. I already knew; yeah you’re a piece of shit.
6. Faye Dunaway
I’ve had dealings with her personally and can vouch for her entitledness, and nastiness, but my friend who works on movie sets has horror stories.
Extremely demanding, and also picky. She brings her scales with her everywhere and will make anyone catering weigh it up in front of her. She has a no eye contact rule, which must never be disobeyed, and she also yells and screams when things do not go her way.
One time she came into a restaurant I worked at. Waiter came to the table and before he could open his mouth she handed him a measuring cup and said “fill this with chicken salad.” He told her “sorry, we don’t have any.” She responded “of course you do. You love me, you know all my movies” and then she waved him away.
Can’t remember how that all resolved in the end, but it was weird.
If this was anyone else I wouldn’t believe you. But yes, that is her 100%. She frequently introduces herself as ‘’THE Faye Dunaway’’ as if that’s supposed to mean something to the average millennial who has to deal with her.
7. Michael Cera (Arrested Development actor)
I watched so many young musicians come up to him during the Sex Bob-omb tour come up to him to talk about music or gush about how he inspired them, only for him to either brush them off completely, ask them why they’re talking to him, or just have security come take them away.
Total dIck.
8. Adele
My moms friend did security for concerts, she always told us about how nice the bands were BUT Adele was a nightmare, her fans started to line up before her concert outside of the Stadium and Adele REFUSED to do sound check because she didn’t want anyone to hear her for “FREE” and you couldn’t look at her when she spoke to you.
9. Chris O’Donnell
Chris fucking O’Donnell – Hands down the worst. This asshole is literally the worst I have seen in the industry. This extremely minor television actor and FORMER model (see: his fatass neck) thinks he is not only talented but divine and will wonder aloud why “lessers” are doing something near him. 

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Chris once complained to production that a slightly overweight security guard was assigned to an area near Catering. Fuck chris o’donnell. Chris, if you’re reading this, you are a fucking polesmoker and your neck is fat. Everyone laughs at you when you are not around, especially production.
10. Demi Lovato
Walked into the hotel and said “oh fuck that I’m not staying here” and slept in her tour bus.
AC DC was the nicest band she encountered and the foo fighters!
11. Helen Hunt
More like Helen Cunt.
12. David Fincher
He is a a pain to work with and he is beyond eccentric.
Did some work as an audio PA (production assistant) for awhile. If anyone wore anything red on his set they were fired on the spot.
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