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The Streets Reportedly Kills 2 Family Member Of Nipsey’s Killer



The Streets Are Taking Law Into Their Hands 

The man who police say murdered Nipsey Hussle just faced multiple losses of his own. According to multiple reports, local gang members murdered two family members of Eric Holder, 29.

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Los Angeles police just charged Eric with the murder of Nipsey Hussle. Eric is currently on the run and is considered armed and dangerous.
Eric Holder was last seen fleeing the scene of the crime in a 2016 white four-door Chevy Cruze CA vehicle with the license plate 7RJD742. The car, which was driven by an unidentified woman, had been waiting for Holder in an adjacent alley.
But while Eric is out running, he left his family behind to take the heat for him.
Social media chatter says that two of Eric’s cousins were gunned down yesterday. And the neighborhood believes that it was in retaliation for Eric killing the popular rapper/activist.
According to Twitter, one of Eric’s cousins was murdered inside a liquor store on Slauson. The other was gunned down on a corner in Eric’s neighborhood.

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The hood is continuing to put the pressure on Eric’s family and loved ones. Word is Eric’s girlfriend’s home was shot up last night.
As one Twitter user put it, “The streets are trying to flush him out. That h*e n*gga will prolly show up at a funeral.”

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