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Nipsey’s Killer Girlfriend Goes Into Hiding In Fear Of The Streets



She’s Scared The Streets Might Retaliate 

Yesterday police apprehended the man they believe shot and killed rapper/activist Nipsey Hussle. Los Angeles police arrested Eric Holder, and charged him with shooting down Nipsey down in cold blood.

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Eric Holder managed to escape the crime scene by hopping into a getaway car, believed to have been driven by his girlfriend. Los Angeles police spoke with the woman yesterday, after she turned herself in for questioning. The woman claimed that she did not know that Eric shot Nipsey, and eventually authorities let her go free.

Here’s how TMZ is reporting it:
The woman who drove the getaway car spoke with LAPD detectives Tuesday and was allowed to go free … law enforcement sources tell TMZ. We’ve learned the woman went to cops Tuesday and after interviewing her they let her leave.
But while she’s free from the police, she’s not free from the hood.
According to multiple social media reports, the woman is currently “in hiding.” She is worried that local gang members may have put a “green light” on her. A “green light” is a term used by gang members, when they put a hit out on someone.

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And there is good reason to worry. As we reported yesterday, two of Eric’s cousins were shot and killed since Nipsey’s killing. The hood suspects the killings were in retaliation for Nipsey’s murder.

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