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Man Brutally Beats Pregnant Girlfriend On Facebook Live



Heartless Man Batters Girlfriend On Live 

A video demonstrating a Baltimore man ruthlessly beating his pregnant sweetheart that spilled on Facebook Live – has now turned into a web sensation.

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As reported by MTO

“The video starts out showing a man and his pregnant girlfriend arguing on a crowded Baltimore street. No one helped the woman, who was being beaten.

A passerby heard the couple arguing and decided to take some video.

But the argument quickly turned violent – with the Baltimore man knocking over his pregnant girlfriend and then started pummeling her with rights and lefts.

At one point, the pregnant woman attempted to jump into a car and flee – but she was dragged out and beaten.”

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It’s not clear whether the woman – who sustained a barrage of blows – loses her baby.

Watch the graphic video below :

Man Beats Pregnant Girlfriend On Live – Video

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