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Lauren London Premieres Her Bet Series “Games People Play”



Lauren London Promotes Her Bet Series Online “Games People Play”

Lauren London has been peaceful online. Since the time that her darling and accomplice Nipsey Hussle was killed, the majority of London’s Instagram posts have been centered around him, their relationship, or his heritage.

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Today, she parted from the shape to advance her new show, a Bet series that she stars in titled “Games People Play“.

London shared a photograph of herself close by her co-stars in a limited time photograph for the show with the caption :

“Love and Respect to the cast and crew. Tune in tonight 10pm to watch Games People Play @bet.” She ended the brief message with a nod to Nipsey by adding, “Love y’all 💙🏁.”

Not well before Nipsey passed away, Lauren London sat down with The Grio to discuss her new series. In Games People Play, the entertainer plays the piece of a spouse who wedded her secondary school sweetheart.

In a split second, they go from a typical, glad pair to a power couple after her significant other is drafted into a master ball class.

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“I feel no fear,” she said of her role. “Usually I do, but no, not this time, Usually the roles I’ve done before like really fun and sassy and you know kind of surface roles,” she says.

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