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Jordyn Woods Chills With White Guy At The 2019 Coachella – New Boo?



Has Jordyn Woods Gotten Herself A New Boo?

Jordyn Woods, an instagram model and magnificence tycoon showed up at 2019 Coachella. And keeping in mind that there, she seems to have discovered sentiment – with a White person. 
The paparazzi made up for lost time with Jordyn as she and a male companion ventured into the night – to share a vape pen. 

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The two appeared to truly appreciate each other’s conversation. At first the two just talked. At that point the pair began embracing. Also, the person was spotted stroking Jordyn’s face. 
Jordyn Woodsmade global disgrace two months back whet Khloe Kardashian blamed her for laying down with her Khloe’s babys father Tristan Thompson
Jordyn denied laying down with Tristan, yet she admits to “making out” with her closest companion Kylie Jenner’s sisters’ babys father. 
It would appear that Jordyn may have discovered another man to get her psyche off all that Tristan-Khloe mess 

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See more pictures of Jordyn Woods and the white guy below :


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