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Jhene Aiko Publicly Pleads Emotionally To Big Sean – He Snubs Her



Jhene Aiko Comes Out Publicly To Beg Big Sean To Take Her Back

Two months back, Jhene Aiko and Big Sean separated – with Sean moving out of their Los Angeles home. The couple had been dating for a long time, and many speculated that the two craftsmen would in the end get hitched. 

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In any case, that didn’t occur. What’s more, Sean immediately proceeded onward from Jhene. Half a month after their split, the rapper was spotted out on the town with his ex, pop vocalist Ariana Grande. 
In any case, Jhene Aiko still wasn’t prepared to proceed onward – so she sent him an inspiring message on Instagram a week ago – where she essentially asked the rapper to take her back.
See the post below :
Big Sean “ghosted” Jhene after she posted the message.

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 Jhene’s friend explained, “He gave no reply, and he stopped returning her texts. Jhene is not taking it well.”

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