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GoFundMe Raises $10K To Start #SurvivingCardi DocuSeries



First Trailer For #SurvivingCardi Documentary Released 

Cardi B may be facing a big problem – a blogger raised $10,000 on GoFundMe to create a documentary called #SurvivingCardi.
The blogger – who goes by the name ThatsSoBeyonce – claims to have raised $10,000 in small dollar denominations from fans who want to know all about Cardi B’s alleged victims of drugging and robbery.

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Blogger ThatsSoBeyonce has been running and anti-Cardi B Instagram page for the past year. And many believe that the blogger has an association with Cardi’s nemesis Nicki Minaj.
The blogger began raising finds for the proposed documentary two weeks ago, when controversial statements made by Cardi came to light.
In an old video, Cardi told her fans on Instagram that she allegedly lured men to go to a hotel room with the promise of s*x. Once there, Cardi claims that she “drugged” and then “robbed” the men.
The video in question was taken from an Instagram Live recorded three years ago, in which Cardi emotionally responed to someone who claimed she didn’t deserve her success.
The Bronx rapper received a lot of backlash for the scandalous comments. And blogger ThatSoBeyonce used the publicity around the scandal to raise money for a documentary she’s producing.

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“ANYONE WHO SUPPORTS @iamcardib is trash and needs their head examined.. what she did is horrible and disgusting,” Twitter user @DeplorableLouJr wrote. “If it were a man? You’d all be all over him 24/7… she should be held accountable for her actions!”
Yesterday the blogger released the trailer for the documentary. Here’s the trailer:

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