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DJ Mustard Throws Subtle Shade At Meek Mill



“If I Compared Our Waves To Fast Food, I’d be McDonald’s, You’d Be McDowell’s.”

DJ Mustard took to Instagram to broil the hellfire out of Meek Mill in the wake of contending who has better waves. 

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DJ Mustard took to Instagram to share a clasp of himself and Meek Mill in the studio together. 
The rapper shared a video of himself and Meek Mill brushing their waves before a camera be that as it may, Mustard included a humorous voiceover some relaxed lift jazz music. 
“When you run into niggas that really got waves, stay confident people. Confidence is key,” he captioned the video.

“Hmm… Big brother and little brother,” Mustard said at the top of the voiceover. “I guess you wonderin’ who’s the little brother. Clearly, it’s not me,” he added before getting deep into the roast session.

“I guess we both graduated to big fish now, Meek. See, I’d be the Pacific ocean, you’d be Raging Waters. See if I compared our waves to fast food, I’d be McDonald’s, you’d be McDowell’s.”

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Mustard shared another video on Instagram of the two in the studio while he brushed his waves.

“Meek told me if I brushed my hair backwards my waves wouldn’t come back and look what happen came back even better smh ….. @ceoslow tried to show his wave fro but they wasn’t on me and Meeks level sorry bud smh,” he wrote.

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