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50 Cent Reacts To Omari Kissing Beyonce “Jay Z Will Kill Ghost On Next Season”



50 Cent Hilarious Reaction To Power Cast Kissing Beyonce 

50 Cent reposted the viral video of Omari Hardwick at the NAACP Awards, getting creative in his caption and previewing what Ghost’s fate may be in the upcoming season of Power. “Season 6 of POWER Jay Z kills Ghost don’t miss it we lit,” he wrote.

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Last season, Kendrick Lamar was a special guest star so it’s not completely out of the realm of possibilities. Perhaps this was all a ploy to boost ratings for the next season of the show?

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Fiddy continued by guessing what was going through Hov’s head during the exchange. “LOL jay was like, the fuck is you doing pretty n***a,” he wrote.

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If you haven’t watched the video, take a look at it below.

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