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50 Cent Goes Emotional As He Mourns Nipsey Hussle’s Death



50 Cent Goes Unusual In A Tribute To Nipsey Hussle 

50 Cent has developed a reputation as somewhat of a villain, though his undeniable charisma prevents him from devolving into “heel” status. Yet every so often, 50 Cent breaks character to reveal his gentler nature.

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Today, the G-Unit rapper took to Instagram to offer his sincere condolences to Nipsey Hussle‘s friends and family. “To: Nipsey’s Real friends and family I send my Sincere condolences,” he writes, alongside a picture of himself. “I’m sorry for your loss God bless.”

For whatever reason, Fif decided to stay slightly on-brand, including a shameless plug for his “Chemin Du Roi” champagne. While the advertisement does feel a tad insensitive, the fact that 50 spoke out at all highlights the impact of Nipsey’s death.

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For those who don’t remember, 50 and Nip actually shared a collaboration, the YG quarterbacked “I Wanna Benz.” Both business-minded individuals, it’s likely they might have enjoyed a conversation or two if given the opportunity.

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