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The Kardashians Accept Jordyn Woods Back Amid Cheating Scandal



The Kardashian Sisters Seems To Have Forgiven Jordyn Woods 

According to folks close to Jordyn Woods, she spoke with Khloe and Kim Kardashian, and the ladies have all agreed to call off their feud and resume their friendship. Jordyn and Kylie Jenner have remained friends throughout the ordeal, we’re also told.

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The insider explained, “Jordyn spoke to Khloe and Kim, and everyone is friends again.”
But things aren’t completely fixed. Jordyn’s friend added, “I’m sure they will [all] have to work to get things back to normal again.”
Two weeks ago, Jordyn was accused of “cheating” with Khloe’s NBA star babys father Tristan Thompson. Khloe helped spread the cheating rumors on social media.
But the rumors turned out to be false. Jordyn flirted with Tristan at a party, but the two never went on a date, and they certainly never had s*x.

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And in case you are wondering – Yes, we have receipts. Shortly after the Kardashian clan made up with Jordyn, she started following Kim again. 
See screenshot below :

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