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The Game Calls Tomi Lahren “A Racist Sl*t Who F*cked Her Way Into Job”



The Game Puts Tomi Lahren On Blast 

Tomi Lahren, the news reporter has taken aim at a few stars in hip-hop, tackling Cardi B and The Game with verbal tirades in recent months. Game hit back with some extremely potent insults, posting an alleged photo of the host before she had plastic surgery.

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The image was taken down after The Game claimed that Tomi’s lawyers allegedly reported the post but the West Coast artist is back to his old tricks. Today, he let off some steam by stomping hard on the newscaster, unleashing a flurry of insults.
“I had to post this picture of you ‘Mega Mind’ because you limited comments on your post,” started the rapper, poking fun at the size of Tomi Lahren‘s forehead. He posted a “before-and-after” comparison of the star, again claiming that she’s had many cosmetic surgeries over the years.
 “Listen here semen chugger, as long as you have that forehead & that baby giraffe wee wee of a nose, you’ll never win,” continued Game. “You’re a racist slut who sucked & swallowed her way into her job & position only to misuse your platform & degrade the very culture you you praised so much before your mediocre rise to media fame. 
You are a closet racist & the exact opposite of the role model for young girls of any color so stop the “ I do this for the young girls who… “ Bitch shut the fuck up !!! You had 9 plastic surgeries because you hated yourself & after that when stripped of all make up, still look like a peeled orange & that’s what you think young girls should look up to & be motivated by ???”
The Game’s message comes after it took Tomi Lahren months to respond to his initial post about her. If you thought he would go easy on her, you were clearly mistaken. 

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He continued: “So go find a bathroom mirror, strip down all that cheap make up & look at the REAL YOU whore & cry !!! & just know, no matter what you say or do in this lifetime… you can never UN-SWALLOW all the dicks you sucked on the way up. Oh’ & keep your mouth closed, I can smell the unborn babies from here !!!!”
Read it below :
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