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R Kelly Debunks Claims He Had Intercourse With Aaliyah’s Mother



R Kelly Denise Intercourse Allegations With Aaliyah’s Mom

One of R Kelly‘s accusers is claiming he engaged in sexual intercourse with Aaliyah’s mother Diane Haughton while cooped up in their Detroit home back in the 90s.

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 Van Allen says that R Kelly would often slip out of the covers once Aaliyah was fast asleep, in order to hook up with Diane on the living room couch.

Sources aligned with the singer have told TMZ, there is little substance to Van Allen’s allegations, this reportedly coming from R. Kelly himself, under the impression he’s the target of a smear campaign.

 It’s his firm belief that Lisa Van Allen sat down with Vlad TV for her own personal gains. For the record, Van Allen was herself among the women documented in Lifetime documentary, her account of the abortion she underwent while they were dating, central to the project’s main narrative.

R Kelly married Aaliyah Houghton when she was merely a teenager on falsified documents. Contrary to popular belief, his lawyer Steve Greenberg is blaming Aaliyah for the misunderstanding – their story being:

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She was responsible for coercing Kelly into thinking she was much older when they met/got hitched, which is inherently very hard to believe given the very nature of their discography. Kelly returns to court on March 22nd to face an intensely-motivated Michael Avenatti on the opposing bench.

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