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#MomoChallenge – Kim Kardashian Warns Parents To Watch Their Children



Kim Kardashian Has Some Words For Parents Regarding The #MomoChallenge

Kim Kardashian has warned parents about the so-called “Momo Challenge,” which has spread panic online over fears of links to child suicide – but YouTube said there are no clips promoting it on its platform.

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The internet meme Momo, based on a statue called “Mother Bird” designed by a Japanese special effects company, Link Factory, went viral last year after it was linked to so-called self-harm “challenges” on Facebook and WhatsApp.

It resurfaced this week as people on social media warned that the character was popping up in YouTube videos, instructing children to kill themselves and keep the clips secret from parents.

Kim Kardashian shared Facebook posts about the reported YouTube clips on her Instagram story, telling parents to “monitor what your kids are watching.”

The post Kardashian shared, however, does not link to any videos showing the Momo Challenge, and it’s unclear if Kardashian has seen vidoes of it herself.

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See more of the momo pics below :

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