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Jhene Aiko Claps Back At Big Sean As She Flaunts Her New Tattoos



Jhene Aiko Reacts In Style To Big Sean’s Claim About Their Relationship 

Over the weekend, rapper Big Sean released a series of videos, where he called his relationship with ex-girlfriend Jhene Aiko “toxic.”

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Sean says he started to realize he wasn’t feeling like his usual self around this time last year, as practices like meditation just weren’t cutting it anymore.

 “I started therapy. I got a good therapist, I was blessed enough to talk to some super spiritual people, and they made me realize what I was missing in my life and one thing I was missing was clarity,” the Detroit native explained.

With his breakthrough, the I Decided rapper became more adventurous when leaving his comfort zone, trying daring activities like skydiving, which then led to ultimately rediscovering himself and crafting “the best music of my life.”

Well…then this morning Jhene fired a subliminal shot back at her rapper ex-boyfriend. You see Jhene used to have Sean’s face tattoo’d on the back of her arm. When the two broke up – she had the tat covered up.
And this morning, she finally unveiled her full coverup tattoo – of a half dragon half phoenix. Jhene told fans on Instagram that she was in a “situation” that she had to “fight like a dragon.” And she claims that she’s “risen” like a Phoenix.

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Initially, when Jhene and Big Sean broke up, she covered the tat with some flowers. But when things got extra messy, Jhene opted for a dragon/phoenix instead.

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