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Cardi B’s Ruptured Butt Implant Lands Her In Hospital



Cardi B Suffers Migraines From Implants

Cardi B told fans that last night she suffered migraines that were so bad – that she was taken to the emergency room.

Cardi B has admitted to getting illegal butt injections – the same kind that K Michelle received.

K Michelle recently had her butt implants removed, after they caused her health issues. In 2017 — five years after getting the injections — K Michelle started to have migraines, fatigue, and pain in her back and legs. The foreign substances had spread down her legs and damaged her tissue, People reported.

Well Cardi got illegal butt injections, about 5 years ago. In a VladTV interview from 2017, Cardi explained that she professionally had her breasts done, but got basement butt injections because she didn’t have fat to do a fat transfer.

Listen to the audio below :

In illegal butt injections a fake doctor injects silicone and other foreign substances into your butt. Over time, the substances break down and cause health ailments – including migraines.

Last year Cardi B touched a little bit on the topic of plastic surgery in an instagram video, “she showed some extra skin on her stomach and said, “A lot of people think that I got lipo.

I really, really didn’t. I’m naturally skinny so I got slim real fast.

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