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Atlanta Woman Brutally Beaten On Facebook Live By Boyfriend



Boyfriend Brutality 

An Atlanta woman appears to have been brutally beaten by her boyfriend on Facebook Live, and the video has gone viral. Police are now trying to find the woman – and bring her alleged attackers to justice.

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DeKalb County Police said yesterday that they are working to find the woman and investigate what happened. 
The graphic video was uploaded to Facebook live on Monday night. Before posting the video, the woman posted pleas for help, writing, “Can I get a ride he trying to fight me again,” and “Need to run.” Then, simply, “HELP.”
Then a few minutes later, the woman live-streamed the graphic video. The video begins with a shot of her –  and her face is badly beaten. The woman has a welt growing under her right eye.
Then, in a later video, the woman appears to be sitting in a residence as two men in the background rummage around in a closet. Suddenly, one of the men hurls something at her, and the camera’s picture goes shaky, presumably as she tries to dodge what was thrown. The stream then goes dark as it erupts with shouting.

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The videos have been shared hundreds of times. But there’s also been some skepticism, with some questioning why the woman took to social media before calling the police. Here is the video, we warn you it is very graphic:
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