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Tory Lanez Forces Rapper Dax To Apologize For Dissing Him – Video



Tory Lanez Made Dax Apologize 

Rapper Tory Lanez ran into “the Ops” yesterday – and he made him apologize. Tori, a Canadian rapper, accidentally ran into a Cali rapper named Dax, who recently created a “diss track” towards Tory.

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And so Tory confronted the rapper, and forced him to “apologize” for creating the track.

Here’s the video of Tory Lanez running down on the rapper.

But the rapper that Tory “forced” to apologize, doesn’t seem like he was really “the Ops” after all.

The Cali rapper apologized to Tory 4 days ago on Instagram.

When Tory first learned about the “diss track” that Dax created, he reached out to Dax via DMs, and threatened him.

Dax responded to Tory Lanez‘s threats, “RAP IS A SPORT”. NOTHING PERSONAL. You said were the best. I DISSagree. I respect you my Canadian brother.”

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 See below :

This is the “diss” song that Tory obverted to:

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