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Rappers Rained 3 Million Dollars At Atlanta Strip Club – Photos + Video



Rappers Rained 3 Million Dollars At Atlanta Strip Club

Atlanta Strippers made off like bandits on Monday night at Compound’s first annual Quality Control “Strippers Bowl” party – each stripper took home $125,000 that night.

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Yes, really.
The night was a movie. Compound, which was at Atlanta’s Gold Room, was filled with rappers, ballers, and executives all throwing thousands of dollars at the girls. Before long the floor of the entire nightclub was filled with dollar bills – and it was a half inch thick.
One dancer explained that, “There was a thick layer of dollar bills on the floor. It wasn’t just one or two bills, it was a thick layer of bills.”
The dancer claimed that there was so much money on the ground that it was difficult to walk.
Here are some pics of the floor:

Quavo and Offset dropped $35,000 each on the floor Monday night.

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In all, the strippers made $3,000,000 that night. And the girls got to split the money evenly – 25 ways for 25 dancers. If you do the math, that means that each dancer made $125,000 that night.
Here’s proof that strippers split the $3,000,000 made that night 25 ways.

Here are pics of Quality Control CEO Pee throwing $500,000:

A post shared by @ qcmceo_p on Feb 5, 2019 at 1:18am PST

And Boosie co-signing it:

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