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Eminem Fires At Machine Gun Kelly – Calls Him A Cocks*cker On Stage



Eminem Calls MGK A Cocksucker On Stage 

Diss tracks are a bonafide hip-hop Catch-22. On one hand, the fans love them; diss tracks find an artist in a state of furious passion, which often translates to truly memorable performance behind the mic. 

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On the other hand the mere existence of a diss track serves to immortalize one’s nemesis, intertwining their name into one’s own legacy. For that reason, it might be a tad bittersweet to implement beef into a live set, as Eminem came to reveal during an Australian concert.
Upon holding it down for a massive Brisbane audience,  a rampant chant requesting “Killshot” popped off. While the performance of the Machine Gun Kelly takedown would have been a spectacle to behold, Eminem decided to forgo the decision, citing one simple reason.
 “I would but I don’t want to give that cocksucker any more fuc*ing light,” he says. “Make some noise for your-fuc*in-selves and make nothing for MGK.”
On that note, he signs off with a closing performance of “Lose Yourself.” Sadly, it seems unlikely that Em will ever perform “Killshot,” much like he never implemented “Nail In The Coffin,” “The Sauce,” or the beloved cult classic “Can-I-Bitch” into his setlist. 

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Still, it’s clear that Em has nothing but dislike for the Gunner, and it seems liable to stay that way. Check out the footage below.

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