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Desiigner Fires Another Shot At Kanye West On ‘Thotiana Remix’



Rapper Desiigner Calls Out His Label Boss ‘Kanye West’ 

Desiigner has taken yet another jab at Kanye West in his new remix of Blueface’s “Thotiana.”
“Oh god, it goin’ crazy, like Kanye, huh/ I brought it to my house on a Sunday,” Desiigner raps.

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Desiigner had a huge smash hit with his 2005 song “Panda.” The singer made waves both home and abroad and appeared to put Desiigner, who also signed with Kanye West‘s G.O.O.D. Music.
But Desiigner has struggled to match the success of “Panda” and appears to be firing shot at the label boss.
Earlier this month, he said the following on Instagram:
“Nobody is doing this sh*t for me, bro. Nobody is doing this sh*t for me. I had signed to Kanye West. The biggest n*gga. Y’all n*ggas think he’s the genius. Y’all think that n*gga’s shit. But to me, n*gga, that n*gga’s crazy, n*gga. To me, n*gga, I’ve been doing this sh*t myself.

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“To me n*gga, I brought G.O.O.D. Music back, n*gga, and everybody know that. So what y’all talking about I fell off. I only dropped two mixtapes, bro. Two, bro. Y’all people is mad ungrateful for the music I gave y’all, y’all n*ggas need to start putting me on top. I did diamond for y’all n*ggas two times bro, y’all n*ggas need to chill.”

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