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Rapper Kyyngg Gives All His Underage Kids Guns For Protection



Rapper Kyyngg Gives All His Kids Guns

A popular New Orleans rapper named Kyyngg is going viral – for giving all his kids pistols, including his 2 year old. The rapper claims that he gave the children guns so that they can “protect themselves.”

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Kyyngg made a name for himself in the southern rap scene with mixtapes like Praise We, Kyyngg Slime and Slime Season 3. Some of his best-known tracks include “Bloodaz” and “Rich & Wild.”

Watch the video below :

But the new video – of Kyyngg and his children – is making him even more famous.

Here are some of the comments of outrage online:
I don’t care accidents happen. You can’t be too sure. These are kids they don’t know what they’re doing
Yes,he can got to jail for this.🙄 And you’re not helping him by tell everyone that “There is only one real gun in the video” stupid.🤦🏻‍♀️

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Multiple people in his comments claim that they are calling child welfare on the rapper, who lives in New Orleans.

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