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Police Raid Hotel During S* x Party, Old Men And Young Ladies Arrested. Photos



Police Raid Hotel During S* x Party

Dramatic footage shows the moment police raided an illegal orgy at a hotel in Thailand catching middle aged British men with young Thai women. 

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Images from the raid in Pattaya, often referred to as the sex capital of the world, show the middle-aged Brits sweating heavily and rushing to cover themselves up.

Police burst in on the illegal sex party on Saturday night after getting a tip off guests had paid 1,500 baht (£35) to take part in an orgy.
They stormed the Tulip Hotel at 11.30pm last night sparking chaotic scenes.
Video from a local news report captured the moment 18 men were rounded up with their female partners clutching them to hide their faces.

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The British men were also accompanied by Americans, Germans, Canadians, Australians, Russians, Malaysians and Chinese party-goers, who were all questioned and released.

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