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Man Celebrates Birthday In Style, Chills With Naked Lady In Night Club. Photos



Special Birthday Celebration 

A man has become a subject of mockery after pictures of him eating of the body of a naked lady went viral.

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 The man identified as Kenny Kunene, a DJ in Pretoria, South Africa decided to do the unusual during his birthday celebration at a packed night club.

DJ had planned to have his cake and eat it too, even thought there was no cake in sight.
Fans and patrons said that when they arrived they were all wondering where the cake was.
Instead the DJ turned out to be the cake when a naked exotic dancer ate of his bare chest, and he returned the favour and had some tasty food of her body too.
The dancer later shocked everyone as she took off her panties and threw it at a group of male patrons.

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According to reports, the woman didn’t get her panties back as male patrons had torn it apart, fighting for it.

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