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Lady Who Was Forced To Become Sex Slave For 10 Years Speaks Out.



Lady Speaks On Slavery Experience 

A woman who was lured to the UK and forced to become a sex slave during 10 years of hell has spoken out for the first time. Aged 20, Helena was tricked into working in a pop up brothel, warned that if she didn’t comply her family would be killed. 

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Every night, she would be made to have sex with strangers who would pay £120 an hour.

Any money she made was pocketed by the gang and she says she had no choice.
Helena, who was brought to the country from Romania after being told she could pursue a ‘modelling career’, says she was given cocaine every day until eventually she became hooked.
She described her ordeal as a “living nightmare”.
Bravely speaking out in the Daily Star on Sunday, Helena said: “I was promised a dream and ended up living a nightmare.
“They trapped me and I couldn’t get out. “My life in Romania was hard but that was nothing compared to what I’ve had to go through in the last 10 years. It’s been hell.”

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Helena was living in poverty in Romania when people who knew her family told her she was pretty and could have a modelling career in the UK.

She was flown to Britain, put up in a flat, and made to pose for sexy bikini and underwear photos.
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