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Lady Gaga Bans Song With R Kelly Apologizes For Featuring Him



Lady Gaga To Delete Song With R Kelly

 As you may or may not recall, Lady Gaga joined R Kelly’s mile-long list of collaborators in 2013 post child p0rn case.

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And they released a joint song entitled “Do What You Want (With My Body)” and an accompanying video (directed by equally rapey Terry Richardson, no less).

 So jarringly offensive that it got pulled before it was ever even released. Of course, it featured R Kelly blatantly telling Lady Gaga that he was going to have sex with her passed-out body and impregnate her, so there’s that.

Gaga understandably got dragged to the depths by folks paying attention, the song was largely pushed aside despite its catchiness, and the video got buried beneath Insterscope headquarters, never to be seen again.

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But the internet forgets nothing, and now Gaga is catching hell for tossing dollars Kells’ way 6 years ago — especially since she’s such an outspoken advocate for rape and abuse survivors these days. Needless to say, she has some thoughts to share about her collaboration with R. Kelly, and plans to drop the song from all streaming platforms moving forward.

See her tweet below :

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