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I Fell For Her; Young Lady Who Proposed To Her 61-Year-Old Lesbian Partner.



Young Lady Proposed To Her 61-Year-Old Lesbian

Two women due to get married say their 37-year age gap doesn’t bother them as they plan their wedding together. YouTube star Julia Zelg, 24, proposed to her girlfriend, 61-year-old Eileen de Freest, just before Christmas.

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Julia, originally from Brazil, first revealed she had a new girlfriend to her fans back in September, after the couple met on Tinder.
Gushing about her new girlfriend, Julia told fans: “I’ve met this woman and she’s the most amazing person I’ve ever met.”
“She’s just my soulmate
“I was just planning to enjoy my single life and have fun and stuff, and in the process of doing that, I met her and just fell for her.”

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Their whirlwind romance saw them announce they were moving in together later that same month, and they’ve even adopted a kitten called Brittney who lives with them in their London home.

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