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Woman ‘Chops Off Her Boyfriend’s Manh00d Over Sex Tape Leak’. Photos



Woman Cuts Boyfriend’s Manh00d 

A woman accused of hacking her boyfriend’s p3nis and testicles off with scissors has revealed that she attacked him after he shared their sex tape with his friends.

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 Brenda Barattini, 26, an architect, was arrested for allegedly cutting off the genitals of rock musician Sergio Fernandez, 40, in an upmarket area of the Argentinian city of Cordoba.
She told local media that she “wanted to hurt him there” but insisted that she did not amputate his testicles or his entire p3nis.
She told La Voz newspaper: “I cut his p3nis but not completely: I injured him. “I left to ask for help. I did not want anything to happen to him, besides, I was afraid of the blood.”

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Barattini stated that she never denied the attack but was adamant that it was provoked from self-defence. She said that he had hurt her and damaged her psychologically and that he had treated her inhumanely.

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