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Top 8 Most Handsome Football Players In The World 2018



8 Most Handsome Football Players

Soccer is one of the well-known and famous sports around the world. The soccer is also one of the most played sports in the world. Apart from being a popular sports, the soccer sports has many of the most delightful and handsome sportsman, who have great numbers of fans around the world.

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8. Cesc Fabregas 

Cesc Fabregas was born on 4th May 1987, in Spain. He is a handsome man who has very good style. His style is appreciated by many of the girls. He plays very good as a midfielder. In September 2003, he was signed for the Arsenal side by English Premier League. He now plays for Chelsea Fc

7. Mario Gotze 

Mario Gotze was born on 3rd June 1992, in Germany. He is a very charming young guy. He has very cute eyes, attracting many of the girls. He has many of the girls fan in the world. He is having very nice game skills like speed, dribbling skills and techniques on field.

6. Ricardo Kaka 

Ricardo Kaka was born on 22nd April 1982, in Brazil. He is one of the most attractive soccer players, who is known for his good looks. He has very mesmerising eyes with very decent personality, which can easily attract any girl. He is now playing for the Orlando City and Brazilian National Football team.

5. Theo Walcott

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Theo Walcott is a professional football player with Arsenal FC and the England National team. He plays as an attacker and if he is not among the goals then he is providing the assists. Theo Walcott stands out for his pretty face and his well-tattooed body.

 He wears a shaven look and this contributes to his good looks. Majority of his followers on social media are women and this proves that he merits a place among the sexiest soccer players of 2018.

4. David Villa 

David Villa was born on 3rd December 1981, in Spain. He is a very handsome and tough guy. He is having a very good personality and has very fashionable hairstyle. He is a very good striker football player. His game is liked by many of the people in the world.

3. James Rodriguez 
James Rodrigues 24, is striker for both Real Madrid and the Colombian National team. With his good looks and exceptional abs, James has won the hearts of many a female fans. Not only are his looks good but he also possesses phenomenal footballing ability.

 As recently as the 2014 World Cup Finals in Brazil, he emerged as top scorer of the entire continent with one those goals being voted as the goal of the tournament.

2. Neymar Jr

Neymar has been the poster boy of Brazilian Football ever since he burst into the scene as teenager prior to the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Blessed with great pace and amazing footwork, Neymar terrorizes any defender who tries to stop him. 

As captain of the Brazilian National team, Neymar is forever in the limelight and he never disappoints. He rocks different hairstyles and he seems to pull all of them off.

1. Christiano Ronaldo 
One of the most expensive football players in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo was born on 5th February 1985, in Portugal. He is the most handsome soccer player in the world. He really looks very charming, many of the girls went crazy for this handsome guy.

 His well-built body makes his personality very good. He has become a fashionable icon around the world, which has given him a celebrity like status.

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