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Birmingham Pastor Caught Removing Woman’s Underwear – Pics + Video



Birmingham Pastor Caught In The Act 

A Birmingham Pastor has gone viral, after hidden camera footage shows him coercing one of his female congregants to remove her underwear.

The video, which has been circulating online, shows the Alabama pastor convincing a woman to remove her underwear. The pastor told the woman that God commanded him to put new “prayer panties” on her.

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The woman asked the pastor to pray thats she “stop from being a hoe,” suggesting that she was a prostitute. The pastor claimed the “prayer panties” was just what she needed. 
The one catch to the “prayer panties” – is the pastor has to put them on himself.

The video has been circulating through the pastor’s congregation – and has made its way onto social media. 
See pictures below :

Watch the video below :

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