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Two Ladies Fight Viciously Over Inmate Boyfriend Outside Prison Gates. Photos



Two Ladies Fight Viciously Over Inmate Boyfriend

Two love rivals came to blows outside a prison over a letter. The ferocious brawl took place after one was caught sending a love letter to the inmate partner of another female visitor during prison visiting hours in Colombia.
She was ambushed and slapped around the face before being kicked against a taxi and floored by having her hair pulled once they had left the jail.

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At one point it looked like a third woman in a red top and jean shorts was trying to separate the female attacker from her victim.
But after pushing her away she launched into her own vicious assault.
The women crowding round them appeared to do little to stop the violence, with several videoing the grotesque scene and another shouting out: ‘One at a time, one at a time’ as some of the onlookers threatened to join the scrap, before moaning they were getting in the way of her filming.
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