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Teenage Girl Who Complained To President Putin About Hardship Found Dead



14 Year Old Girl Found Dead After Complaining About Hardship 

According to reports, Natalia was found hanged in a block of flats next to her home. Local residents found her body and called the police.
Yulia said: “In her letter to the president, she mentioned that our mother works as an assistant at the local hospital and that her salary is too low. “She said that our mother has two daughters and her salary is not enough to cover even our most basic needs. That our life is simply too hard.”

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According to Yulia, a representative of the president’s administration called the hospital’s bosses to ‘handle the situation’ after the letter was sent.
As a result, the girl’s mother was reportedly reprimanded by her supervisor. After that, the mother is said to have told Natalia off when she came home from work.
Yulia said that the response to the letter was the last straw in her sister’s hard life and ultimately pushed her to commit suicide.

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