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Matt Barnes And Stephen Jackson Address Dwight Transgender Scandal



Matt Barnes And Stephen Jackson On Dwight Gay Scandal

As he was getting a haircut, Barnes alerted his fans that he would soon go live to spill the tea about his former teammate.

 He was joined by Stephen Jackson as they chopped it up.

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Matt says that he never had a personal problem with Dwight after playing with him in Orlando, offering his two cents on what held him back as a great player.

At one point, Jackson had a “pause” worthy moment as he says that Dwight can still finish around the hole, retracting the statement and specifying that he means in basketball.

Barnes says that he has no issue with transgender people – he knows Caitlyn Jenner through Lamar Odom and celebrates her – but he doesn’t agree with the way trans issues are handled in the media. After teasing some drama, this was pretty tame. However, it might be worth your time.


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